Drone Academy

Drone operations are rapidly expanding in various sectors with each sector having its specific requirements. Drone pilots are in demand in sectors like filmmaking, geo sensing, construction, mining, real estate, agriculture, transportation, energy, and telecommunications. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of the relevant field is required to become a successful drone operator. At Drone Academy, we build an ecosystem with world class instructors where the training pupil would undergo a deep understanding of the basics of flying like avionics, weather, wind speed, and other mechanics.


To become a Drone pilot, one needs to have

  • 18 years of age
  • 10th pass certificate for joining this training institute.

Drone Academy is an institute authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which provides training and license according to the notified rules. 

DGCA shall prescribe training requirements, oversee drone schools and provide pilot licenses online. It is not necessary to buy a drone to enrol yourself in a drone training program. Drones and training kits are provided by the training institute.

Drone academy offers a range of tailor made application based training options which are fit for the specific Industry. Drone Academy intends to develop a complete drone eco-system , generate employment in upcoming new drone technologies, and establish a strong “Make In India” foothold in the burgeoning UAV Industry.

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