To safeguard human life to the largest extent possible. To eliminate loss of life due to ‘unavailability’ of existing cures. Over and above medicines, Hepicopter aims to deliver medical services to all by identifying region wise deficits in existing medical care.

Case Studies

Wings India 2020

Wings India 2020

Demonstrated the feasibility of drone  delivery for medical supplies in  partnership with Government of  Telangana, Apollo Hospitals.

  • Wings India 2020
    Government of Telangana
Medicines From The Sky

Medicines From The Sky

WEF in collaboration with Government of Telangana has initiated the program  consequent to the Wings 2020 event, to explore the feasibility of drones in  medium-mile logistic delivery solution.

  • Medicines From The Sky
    Government of Telangana
  • WEF




UAVs supporting heavy payload long range deliveries possible in faster, efficient and effective manner.


Cold Chain

Medical supplies transported in their optimal temperature for safety and reliability


Autonomous Navigation

Imaging combined with Artificial Intelligence algorithms providing fail proof autonomous navigation in integration with environmental sensing, UTM and encryption.


Hub and Spoke model

Enabling middle mile delivery from District Hospital to PHC and sub hospital centres in rural and inaccessible areas in the country, and last mile delivery within the urban front.

Partnerships & Associations

We forum
Gujarat university
Telangana state of agriculture

Inspired by

Bill Gates once said, “ Drones, overall, will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society”. We agree that his activities fighting against malaria was a breakthrough in science to destroy genetically modified mosquitoes.

He considers that from vaccines to drones, we’re fighting the war against malaria on multiple fronts. He is our inspiration for an innovative future.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Padma Vibhushan, Industrialist.

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