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Marut ZAP is born out of our passion for a better & healthy life. ZAP developed solutions to address vector-borne diseases using Drones powered by Data Science, IoT, AI and supported by entomology, ecological sciences & statistical modelling.

ZAP developed a comprehensive mosquito control program that is contiguous, effective and sustainable. Our solutions include real-time mosquito prevalence data, anti-larvae operations, automated interventions, effective IEC campaigns, and efficient field operations using IoT sensors.

Case Studies

IoT Fumigation Trackers

IoT Fumigation Trackers

IoT sensors and GIS are leveraged to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of fumigation activities. Sensors are attached to fumigation devices used in the region to precisely identify the fumigated areas and detect the distribution and spread of the chemicals. And an easy to monitor portal help plan interventions better, monitor inefficiencies and plug leakages.

  • IoT Fumigation Trackers
UAV based anti-larval operations

UAV based anti-larval operations

India’s 1st work to eradicate mosquitoes at early stages using customized UAVs. A swarm of drones is deployed to ensure 100% coverage of water bodies and drastically cuts down the exposure of workers to hazardous chemicals and activities.

Guided and validated by data, each day’s work output is now quantified and improved upon.

The operations were 10x Faster, 5x More economical and 100% safe

  • UAV based anti-larval operations



Mosquito eradication Drone

Faster, efficient and effective in operations, anti larval spraying drones covers much larger area in minimum time with no harmful health impact on operators.


Effective Surveillance

ZAP employees IoT, AI and other technologies to enable surveillance of mosquitoes - presence and abundance.


Intervention Monitoring

All intervention activities can be planned, monitored and tracked for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.



India’s first AI algorithm to predict vector-borne disease risk and spread. With this, we can reduce the incidence rate, plan resource deployment, and better impact socio-economic fall-out.

Partnerships & Associations

Govrement of telangana
Purdue university

Inspired by

Bill Gates once said, “ Drones, overall, will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society”. We agree that his activities fighting against malaria was a breakthrough in science to destroy genetically modified mosquitoes.

He considers that from vaccines to drones, we’re fighting the war against malaria on multiple fronts. He is our inspiration for an innovative future.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Presidential Medal of Freedom, Philanthropist, Industrialist.

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