India’s first commercial company in the arena of UAV aerial seeding. Hara Bahara is a futuristic and scalable solution to restore forests in the aftermath of loss, fragmentation and mismanagement using Seedcopters.
We aim to expedite reforestation leveraging UAV, AI, Data Science and Community knowledge.



Aerial Survey & Mapping

Drones and AI are used to survey and map the terrain to identify places needing Reforestation.


Understanding Forest Requirements

Determine trees to be grown based on various parameters like soil, climate, indigenous seed varieties & historical growth data using AI.


Seed Balls Preparation

Seed balls creates in a community led activity creating rural employment and inclusiveness.


Drone Deployment

Drones for afforestation are rapid and scalable, dropping seeds over designated areas; reaching areas over treacherous terrain too. 


Geotagging Dronepath

The path followed by the drones are geotagged, facilitating periodic drone monitoring of sown area to collect tree statistics. 


Postgrowth Monitoring

Geotagged seedballs are monitored for growth for years to come to create analytics required for forest monitoring.

Partnerships & Associations

Goverment of rajasthan
NIDHI Prayas
Telangana state of agriculture
Pernod Ricard
Govrement of telangana

Case Studies

MAHABUBNAGAR (Guinness World Record Seedballs)

MAHABUBNAGAR (Guinness World Record Seedballs)

69,200 women of 5,880 self-help groups to grow greenery and increase forest cover in Mahbubnagar district found them a place in the International World Book of Records last year as a truly unique initiative, for their effort is preparing and then spreading seedballs as part of the HARITHA HAARAM (Chain of Greenery) initiative of Telangana Government.



A single drone was successfully deployed for dropping seed balls in interior hilly areas at Sarveni Ven that falls under Salumber forest range of Udaipur district. The initiative was a part of the pilot project jointly taken up by the Ministry of Forest and Environment, New Delhi and Rajasthan government.

The Reforestation plot is part of hilly terrain, located in Aravali range. It is a highly de-forested and fragmented landscape. The inaccessibility of the terrain had till now been a hindrance in its recovery.

10,000 seedballs were dispersed in 5 hectares of land with local seed varieties unique to the region.



We had successfully deployed drones to sow the seed balls at Veppanapalli forest in Sircilla district - an initiative taken up as part of HARITHA HAARAM (Chain of Greenery) project. The plot is part of a dense forest in a rocky topography. The access is limited and there is a significant tribal population dependent on the forest. Around 15000 seedballs were disbursed in very short time across wider area.

Hara Bahara

Hara Bahara

Hara Bahara is a flagship campaign to plant 1 Billion trees by 2030 across India using drones. As a beginning, we successfully deployed swarm of drones in multiple forests across 33 districts of Telangana sowing 50 lakh seedballs of multiple species. 

Inspired by

Jadav Payeng, an environmental activist and forest scientist. He was born in a nomadic tribe of Assam and earned his name as ‘The Forest Man of India’, by spending 30 years of his life planting around 40 million trees.

He went on to plant saplings by the Brahmaputra in Assam, covering nearly 550 hectares. He is now under the mission to make Mexico replenish its forests. He is our inspiration for his perseverance and compassion.

Jadav Payeng
Jadav Payeng
Padma Shri, Social Activist

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